Meaning Of Dhatu

DHATU is a Sanskrit word pronounced as dhä•tōō has multiple meanings. In Ayurveda it means seven fundamental principles of the body. 
It also means primitive matter or primary element of the earth. 
Other meanings include stratum, constituent part, elements, metal, mineral, elementary substance etc. In essence Dhatu means the basic element(s) from which everything is derived or the root of all things.
Organic practices, sustainable living, respect for nature and animals have been an integral part of our ancestors.Thus “DHATU” is a way of going back to those roots.

Dhatu was started with a vision of touching more lives organically by the combined effort of two people from Mysore, India.

Hemanth Kumar Srinivas is an Environmental Engineer with a Masters degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada. His passion for organic farming fuelled his return to India after a hiatus of seven years in Canada to join hands with Dr. Mohan Kumar R K, an Oral Implantologist. Dr.Mohan found from his clinical practice that many of his patients are diabetic, have gastric problems and other food related illnesses. So, the idea of organic food for a healthy lifestyle was born.

  Although, the initial intention was to start organic farming, the idea gradually evolved to provide a market place for organic farmers to reach urban consumers. The idea expanded to include clothing, cosmetics, health supplements, and more. Thus “Dhatu” was born to supply all things required to live the organic way of life.


Our Vision: "To Inspire life through holistic eco exploration."
Our Mission: "To promote sustainability & Wellness through Products & Services."

Our Core Values: 

QUALITY: To maintain the highest quality of products and services.  Maintaining the Organic integrity through out the supply chain, focus on local and fresh produces.

AWARENESS: To create right educative experience to our customers in their right to choose the best products. Transparent system for customers.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: To deliver truly committed customer services. Creating the unique shopping experience driven by passion, reliability and simplicity.

WORK CULTURE: To nurture open, fair, participatory, happy, self driven, work culture.

FARMERS: To support small marginal farmers and their organizations.

GOOD CITIZEN: To be a good citizens of the PLANET .


Started as an experience gourmet store, Dhatu soon spread its wings into other areas! Today Dhatu includes, stores, restaurants, wellness classes, production house, and more initiatives in the works.

Our Organic Centers
Our interactive stores have evolved to be trusted organic centres.

The broad product range, customer centric services, and well trained staff provide a complete shopping experience, all backed by research and knowledge. 

Organic Restaurant

Dhatu Rasa was started with the aim of demonstrating that organic food is not only healthy, but can also be very tasty.

After a thorough research, a menu was created using only organic ingredients covering both local and exotic flavours. All the cooking is freshly done each time with no use of artificial colours, MSG or preservatives. Dhatu Rasa is one of a kind, 100% vegetarian restaurant, which also caters to specific dietary needs like vegan, gluten free and raw food.

Production House

‘Sambhuti’, a unit of Dhatu, is a certified organic production facility following India Organic and USDA Organic standards.

It also has QMS( quality management system) in place equalling the IS0 9000 standards.  Started as a journey towards greater excellence in quality, the unit has mastered challenging tasks like storing, sorting, sprouting, cold milling, and other traditional organic processes which supports retention of high nutritional content in food. The journey of continuous quality improvement, innovation, and increasing product range, continues.
Holistic Wellness
The Dhatu wellness initiative includes several classes to enable people to lead a balanced lifestyle.
Yoga classes focus on diabetes management and prevention. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda taught in the cooking classes for self healing offers numerous ways to lead a healthy lifestyle based on the study of an individual’s nature and needs. Organic gardening classes encourage people to grow their own fresh greens and vegetables and also create a green environment at home.

Be a part of the revolution!




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International Partners

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To promote sustainable eco-exploration and holistic wellness through our products and services.

  • Ethical practices
  • Transparency of information
  • Quality Consciousness